cindas creative cakes

Creative Cakes for Specific Occupations

There are many ways to celebrate things. One celebration that is rarely conducted is celebration when a person is newly accepted into a new job, promoted for better position, and gaining a huge bonus. When a person is in that situation, it is better to celebrate their success so it can be a great memory for him/her. When it comes to celebration, cakes should be exist there as symbol of […]

wire cake cutter

Cake Cutter for Wedding Souvenir

Cake cutter can be a very important thing for you because when you are a cake without a cutter, it is like a body without a soul. No matter how tasty your cake is but if there is no a good cake slices it will make the consumer do not want to buy your cake in the bakery. Imagine if you are the consumer and you find a bad cake […]

30th birthday cake idea

Interesting 30th Birthday Cake Ideas

When you get your 30th birthday, this might be the right time for you to be more mature because you have reached your mature age. So, when you are planning your birthday, you should not make any fancy design in the decorations and the cakes. Choosing a birthday cake that suits your age might not be easy because you need something to match your personalities and ages. You can buy […]

baptism cake wording

Baby Baptism Cakes Ideas

Baptism cakes can be special cakes for people who have baptism because baptism is an important moment for them. It will be cute moment when your baby has a baptism. As parents you want to give the best for your baby including the cakes. There are several cakes ideas which can be options for you and your beloved baby. The first idea is pinky love baby shoes cakes ideas. In […]

anniversary cakes

Delicious and Beautiful Anniversary Cakes

Anniversary cakes are not vital in celebrating anniversary since the couple can continue their relationship without celebrating anniversary day. However if it does present, the anniversary will be very special day that worth to be remembered. In order to enhance the special day, the anniversary cake should be special as well. Therefore, the anniversary day will be perfect for the couple. There are many styles, designs, and decorations offered by […]