gluten free cake

Tips to Make Gluten Free Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes are sweet and tasty, but not everyone can eat them. Especially if you want a healthier option of birthday cakes, you cannot just buy the cakes offered by the market. Some people with allergies to gluten might not be able to eat the cakes because they will get uninteresting effects to their body. Even if you do not have such kind of allergy, you can choose the gluten […]

birthday cupcake

Tips Choosing Birthday Cupcakes

Celebrating a birthday does not have to be done with birthday cakes. While a birthday cake is a very important thing in a birthday party, giving your guests some treats is also important. Surely you cannot cut the birthday cake and give every guest a piece of the birthday cake. You need to provide other kinds of food such as cupcakes. Cupcakes can be an interesting option because they are […]

edible birthday cake decorations

How to Make a Good Birthday Cake Decorations

A birthday cake is special because it is well decorated. A birthday cake without a good decoration is nothing. This is why many people consider more the decoration of the cake rather than the taste. It is not a problem when the taste is not good enough, but this is a problem when the cake decoration is not good enough. However, these two things should be well considered because they […]

novelty cake pans

Choosing Cake Pans for Baking Cake

Cake pans are the important utensil that should be in the kitchen before creating a cake. They are purposed to shape the dough into common shape such round and square in which creativity can turn them into different shapes and creations. The first consideration before choosing pans for baking cake is the material. There are some common materials of cake pans and they have different advantages and disadvantages. They are […]

designer cakes in atlanta

Designer Cakes for Formal Events

Designer cakes are cakes carefully and accurately designed by certain cake designer. The cakes are usually meant for specific formal occasions such birthday, wedding, or anniversary. Even so, the designers also create cakes for less formal event, yet the number is likely lesser than the formal one. The reason is that formal occasion needs almost-perfect cakes while casual events do not rely on such details too much. The cake designed […]