designer cakes miami

Designer Cakes for Formal Events

Designer cakes are cakes carefully and accurately designed by certain cake designer. The cakes are usually meant for specific formal occasions such birthday, wedding, or anniversary. Even so, the designers also create cakes for less formal event, yet the number is likely lesser than the formal one. The reason is that formal occasion needs almost-perfect cakes while casual events do not rely on such details too much. The cake designed […]

custom cake toppers for weddings

Beautiful Kinds of Cake Topper Wedding

Wedding cake is the important thing in the wedding because a wedding cake makes the decoration around the wedding becomes more beautiful and sweet at the same time. That is why you have to choose the best wedding cake for your wedding. Normally, the wedding cake is put in the middle of the wedding decoration whether it is indoor or outdoor, and it has a big size. By the way, […]

wedding cakes accessories

Incredible Wedding Cake Accessories You Should Add

Wedding cake is not only delicious, but also it has a beautiful look in the wedding. Usually, a wedding cake has a big size and it makes the decoration around the wedding becomes more incredible. That is why you have to choose the best wedding cake which is matching with the decoration around the wedding. Since a wedding cake is really important in the wedding, then you have to make […]

teen girl birthday cakes

Teenage Girl Birthday Cake Ideas to Inspire You

Birthday is a very special moment to be celebrated because we have to thanks to God for everything that He has given to us. There are many ways to celebrate your birthday; one of the ways is conducting small party with parents and friends at home. Your birthday will not be completed without birthday cake. Making the birthday cake by your own self can make the cake become more valuable […]

specialty cakes atlanta

Specialty Cakes Recipe

Specialty cakes can be alternative way to give a special gift for someone in his birthday. Birthday is a special day for all people. They usually celebrate their special day with their beloved people and of course with a special way. There are so many birthday party themes such white birthday party, character birthday party and color-based birthday party. The birthday party theme depends on your taste and also your […]