wedding cake designs

Wedding Cake Designs Depend on Shape

Wedding cake is the important thing in the wedding because it makes the decoration looks so sweet and fresh. Normally, the wedding cake has a big size and then it is put in the middle of the wedding. Besides, there are many kinds of wedding cake you might like such as individual wedding cake, royal wedding cake, and many more. After you choose the best wedding cake type, then another […]

boys birthday cake designs

Birthday Cake Designs Ideas

Birthday cake designs ideas may be the unique and unforgettable birthday cake for your beloved person. Birthday is usually a special day for people. In this day people know how old they are and how many time they have wasted in the world. Honestly, everyone wants to have a perfect birthday. They wish all of their beloved person attend their birthday party and give them a gift or just say […]

50th birthday cupcakes

Tips Choosing Birthday Cupcakes

Celebrating a birthday does not have to be done with birthday cakes. While a birthday cake is a very important thing in a birthday party, giving your guests some treats is also important. Surely you cannot cut the birthday cake and give every guest a piece of the birthday cake. You need to provide other kinds of food such as cupcakes. Cupcakes can be an interesting option because they are […]

make chocolate eclair cake

Having a Delicious Chocolate Éclair Cake

When you are planning some kind of party then you might also consider about many things. One of them is that finding the delicious cake that you will prepared for the people who are joining your party that you are having. Talking about the delicious cake, then it is depends on many things. As we all know, there are many kind of cakes that you might have seen somewhere in […]

flowers and cupcakes

Flower Cupcakes for Valentine Day

Valentine day is near. You can celebrate the valentine day with someone special and have a romantic day. The cupcakes can be a good choice to celebrate the Valentine if you think that the chocolate is too common. Everyone loves the cupcakes, this cake is easy to be made and it is really tasty. When it comes to dessert, it will not be complete without the presence of the cupcakes. […]